Bitcoin market - Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency
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Bitcoin market

Wednesday, 19.02.2020

                                 Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency

It is obvious that anyone who is interested in the Bitcoin system for the first time thinks about starting to extract them on their laptop or computer. But we have to upset you: today it is almost impossible. If a couple of years ago it was real, today, when serious investors were interested in the powerful potential of bitcoin cryptocurrency, they made major investments in the development of special equipment. This led to the fact that the efforts of individual miners have become almost useless.
Today, mining systems are engaged in innovative systems, the so-called ASIC, the only purpose of which is mining cryptocurrencies. Such devices have large computational powers, and, consequently, high processing speed of blockchains. Thus, the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, as a tool for home earnings, has become almost uninteresting, as it is completely unprofitable to mine it on a home computer. The only possibility is to join the pool of miners, but even then the profit will be very, very modest.

However, do not be upset!
Due to the fact that the btc code is open, today a sufficient number of alternative systems have emerged that can be used for different purposes. So bitcoin is no longer the only cryptocurrency, it has an alternative.

Such virtual money received the name "forka" or "altcoins". Creating their own system, each developer pursues his goal. This may include the possibility of faster mining, or high speed transactions.

The most popular cryptocurrencies
Of course, bitcoin, as a cryptocurrency will always be the first. Nevertheless, today its other analogues are very popular. For example, lightcoin (litecoin) shows good results. He is like a bitcoin's daughter.

Also speaking about existing virtual money, it is impossible not to note the success of Capricoin (Capricoin), the main characteristic of which lies in the highest transaction speed and transparent pricing mechanism.

Another common cryptocurrency is Peercoin (Pircoin), which has no emission restrictions, and its inflation fluctuates within 1% per day.

There are also other alternatives, the advantages of which can be found on the Internet. So lately, Ethereum has been gaining in popularity. This is a decision of a new generation, giving the opportunity, relatively easy earnings on mining. Despite the fact that the coins appeared relatively recently, they are well adapted, users can easily buy this cryptocurrency, as well as sell or exchange.

The emergence of new currencies is due to the fact that the developers are trying, if not to simplify the process of extracting new blockchains, then at least to ensure that it does not grow to impossible sizes.

Thus, today there is still the possibility of earning on mining. Just for this you need to correctly select the object for mining.