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Bitcoin market

Wednesday, 19.02.2020

                                                Bitcoin price
Any person, even far from financial investments, to agree that making predictions about changes in exchange rates is not an easy task. Especially when it comes to monetary units of other countries. After all, it is very difficult to take into account, analyze and correctly interpret all the events that occur that may influence the course behavior. This statement applies to all currencies, including Bitcoins, the latest generation of cryptocurrencies, because the price of one Bitcoin. also changing, albeit under slightly different laws.

What determines the price of one bitcoin
In this publication we will try to reveal the essence of the main aspects that influence the value of this currency. This will help you not only to get an idea about the mechanism of forming the price of 1 Bitcoin, but also try to earn on it.

Here it is important to say that this cryptocurrency has proven itself as a liquid asset, although it is not actively used by all brokers.


What makes Bitcoin change?
In fact, there are quite a lot of prerequisites and factors for course volatility; nevertheless, all analysts and experts agree that there are three main aspects on which the price of one Bitcoin always depends. These include:

- The ratio of the actual volume of cryptocurrency and the number of transactions conducted with them. In other words, the ratio of supply and demand.
- Difficulties mining Bitcoins. That is, today the trend is that the methods of mining cryptomanets are becoming more difficult and less effective. This can not affect the price of electronic money, and as a result they are becoming more expensive.

- Potential interest in this currency. Analysts have proved that when the number of thematic requests in the network grows, the price of 1 bitcoin also increases. Thus, the higher the interest in the currency, the more it is used, and as a result, the more expensive it becomes.

From the above list, it becomes obvious that today the price of Bitcoin practically does not depend on geopolitical factors, while it is completely subordinated to the economic law regarding the actions of users. At the same time, it should be noted that at present, as a tool for investment, Bitcoin is greatly undervalued. Simply put - few people decide to keep their savings in this currency.

It is the narrowness of the factors affecting the price of Bitcoin, today seriously inhibit its growth. And the only thing we can talk about now with some degree of confidence is the stability of this currency.