Bitcoin market - How to start using Bitcoins
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Bitcoin market

Wednesday, 19.02.2020

                                   How to start using Bitcoins
4.1. Creating a Bitcoin Wallet
Bitcoin wallet
To store Bitcoins, you need to create a special wallet or use some service that will provide such an opportunity. You can read about how to do this: how to create a Bitcoin wallet. Each wallet has its own number (it is often called the wallet address).

Popular online Bitcoin wallets:

METBEA (both exchanger and wallet)
4.2. How to buy / get Bitcoin simple user
If you want to accumulate Bitcoin or for some purposes, then the easiest way to do this is through exchangers. Below is a list of reliable and acceptable exchange rates:

EL-CHANGE (always excellent exchange rates)
MATBEA (both exchanger and wallet)
Choose a suitable exchanger for you and buy Bitcoin for rubles or dollars. Most often, it is bought for Yandex Money, Qiwi, transfer by Sberbank card.

4.3. Bitcoin transfer fees
The commission for sending Bitcoin is calculated individually each time. Usually it does not exceed 50-250 rubles for any amount you send (in January 2018 there was a "boom" in the transactions, so they became more expensive, but then everything returned to typical values). When sending large amounts of such a meager commission can not be considered at all. Transfers without commission are also possible, but their transaction confirmation priority will be lower, so the time for their confirmation can be greatly increased.

5. Pluses of Bitcoin cryptocurrency
Advantages of bitcoins
1. Bitcoin anonymity
Since the network is decentralized, all transfers are completely anonymous. Wallet addresses are also anonymous. You can only keep track of recent transactions, but to whom and for what the Bitcoins were transferred cannot be determined even by the special services. However, this plus has the opposite minus, which will be described in the minus section just below.

2. Bitcoin - an alternative to existing money
Bitcoin is an alternative and quite convenient payment method in the world. Already there are many places, both on the Internet and in real life, which accept Bitcoins for payment. See where Bitcoins are taken.

In the very center of the city of Vienna (the capital of Austria) already exists the Bitcoin Store (Bitcoin store).

3. Lack of taxes
When paying with Bitcoins, no taxes are charged, since it is not officially a currency. This makes it possible to purchase goods a little cheaper.

4. International currency
Bitcoin is truly an international currency. For example, it is possible both in Russia and in other countries to pay all from one wallet without thinking about currency exchange.

5. Lack of control
Bitcoin is not controlled by anyone. They belong only to the public, and therefore it is difficult to influence them politically. Although, of course, talking about the complete absence of control is impossible.

6. Minimum fees
Minimum transfer fees (it does not depend on the amount). However, if the transfer needs to be done instantly, you will have to pay a commission that you decide to pay (the more you pay, the faster the transfer will be).

7. Bitcoin Reliability
Bitcoin is impossible to fake because it is very difficult. It is much easier to get new coins. Over the entire existence of the network, it has never been hacked.

8. Limited Emission Issue
More than 21 million bitcoins will not be exact. This limits inflation and makes money more valuable.

9. Translation transparency
You can track all transfers through the official blockchain website ( All sequential block chains are stored here. So, if you send funds from one purse to another, this transfer can be tracked in the blockchain.

10. Transaction Rate
Bitcoin transfer speed is very fast (10-30 minutes). In real life, it may take three business days to transfer money from one account to another, plus you depend on third-party banks and still pay a commission.